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Leadership Retreat for Ministry


Valerie Ling


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One Weekend or customised

A time-out for clergy to evaluate, restore and project from a place of calm and creativity.

A key reason for ministry burnout is the lack of personal space to retreat and reflect. Regular and constructive reflection is necessary for ministry longevity, and Leadership Retreat for Ministry should be on every church calendar.

In a weekend away, ministry workers get the opportunity to reflect on and evaluate their experiences, assisted by psychologists trained in the processes of the mind. Our psychologists can also help ministers work through the extra demands placed on them by the pandemic. Two years of COVID-19 have left many in ministry with a sense of dismay about how to cope, manage change, care for their congregations as well as forecast for eventualities ahead. Bring your concerns into a dedicated space and learn some vital tools for coping during one weekend away.

This Course Includes

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