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Workplace wellbeing experts

The Centre For Effective Serving provides solutions to industry burnout, and workplace well being strategy at a leadership and team level.

Promoting wellness and professional fervour is what we are about.  Here to serve those who serve others, in the leadership and people services.

As registered psychologists led by credentialed leadership expert, Valerie Ling, we offer you the science of our therapy rooms, combined with warmth and empathy. Browse our popular products and services or contact us for a tailored progam.

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Why Choose Us?

The Centre for Effective Serving offers mental health support and guidance in the leadership and workplace wellbeing areas. 

We are a team of registered psychologists passionate about wellness and burnout prevention

Our products are psychology-based

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Our Services

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Carving out time to help you fulfil your calling with strength and joy.
A time-out for clergy to evaluate, restore and project from a place of calm and creativity.
$2200 per month
Join this Mastermind group to strengthen your leadership in your private practice.
Take advantage of this mentoring group for early career psychologists, to address your doubts and concerns and increase your confidence.
This is a once-a month workplace energiser to help your team recharge all through the month.
A time out where your only responsibility is to yourself and how to come out stronger, sharper and more resilient.

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Our Featured Courses

We share the easy, psychology-based steps you can take to think clearly, feel better and reconnect with the best you.

Resource Me is a guided and specific way of targeting burnout that increases your energy and expands your capacity.
The 6 keys to burnout proofing your life. Create AND Live the life you want. 
Get all 6 modules of Concrete Steps™, our mental health primer that takes you through vital steps to enhance your mental health.
A free taster of the first module of our 6-module course – Concrete Steps™.
This is the second module of our 6-module course – Concrete Steps™.
This is the third module of our 6-module course – Concrete Steps™.
This is the fourth module of our 6-module course – Concrete Steps™.
This is the fifth module of our 6-module course – Concrete Steps™.
This is the sixth module of our 6-module course – Concrete Steps™.


What Our Clients Have to Say

Health professionals, cross-cultural workers, educators, chaplains and clergy are quick to provide positive feedback.

Valerie has a deep compassion and ability to understand the many individual and group experiences. She facilitated teaching and nonteaching staff through her model of self-care at a time when many staff could not conceive the thought of kindness for themselves. She presents self care in parcels that enable a greater inner connection than any other familiar models. The particular areas of focus she introduces allow individuals to connect their own self care plan with organisational wellbeing strategies and in doing so enables empowerment through this telescopic connection of self, community and service to others.

Valerie entered an environment that is experiencing tremendous grief, loss and pain. She brought with her joy, light-heartedness and a reverence of respect for the school community facing many challenges and meeting them with great determination. The work that Valerie has achieved with the Hillcrest Primary School will be the first example of systematically refocusing wellbeing on staff so they in turn are able fulfil their role in developing younger people.
Chris Worthington
- Department of Education Tasmania
Valerie's insights into building resilience in ministry are built on deep and varied personal experience, which in tandem with the theory, are very powerful and helpful in growing participant self-care and developing sustained, fruitful, and joyful ministry practice.
Greg Swanton
- General Manager SMBC
The Bullet Proof course was an incredibly reflective space, where I was able to explore some of my strengths and shortcomings in taking care of myself. It was helpful to understand burnout prevention from different angles and how to highlight the different areas I need to work through to feel sustained as I continue my career in Psychology.
Jackie Wilson
- Clinical Team Lead & Psychologist
Valerie is a very engaging presenter. The presentations provided the perfect mix of new content, intellectual rigour, humour, real life examples, strategies and affirmations. Valerie spent time beforehand to understand the context of our school community in order, to create bespoke presentations. We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our school community about the presentations. I would highly recommend engaging Valerie Ling and her practice Effective Living.
Alexis King
- Deputy Principal NSW
Valerie's parenting seminar on raising resilient parents was insightful and wonderfully practical. She explained how to use a variety of tools across the age range to better connect with and support kids as they deal with emotions, starting with effectively modelling these strategies to your kids as you deal with your own emotions and responding to your kids/the situation they're in in a helpful way.
Valerie's Burnout Prevention Program came across my desk and little did I know how much I needed it. The program taught me content I didn't know I needed, but has that of which has made a significant impact in my day to day life. It has supported me to gain an insight into my behaviours and work to develop better processes, thereby not only helping myself, but also my team and my family. Thanks Valerie!
Chelsea Knight
- Principal Psychologist

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