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Church and not for profits

The unique challenges of church workers, where life and vocation collide, is an area of expert focus for the Centre For Effective Serving.  Our clients include Moore Theological College, Sydney Missionary and Bible College as well as Christ College.  The Centre For Effective Serving has worked with church leadership teams in the area of leadership development and pastoral supervision.


Pastoral supervision is a space for ministry workers to reflect on their ministry practice,  self awareness and emotional awareness.  It is a space for a credentialed supervisor to have wellbeing conversations that help ministry workers stay grounded, focused and reflective in the midst of mounting pastoral and organisational demands.  Pastoral supervision is provided by accredited supervisors.

Ministry and
leadership SUPPORT

Senior leaders of churches and not for profits are often inundated with structural pressures that are unique to this sector.  The levels of burnout, stress and exhaustion can prevent leaders from remaining aligned to their mission and calling.  The Centre for Effective Serving has many years of serving this unique sector and bring clinical knowledge, wisdom and skill to support you.

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