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Rapid Reset™

Centre for Effective Serving: Valerie Ling


Valerie Ling


Course Price

Rapid Reset™

Course Price


video Duration

30 minutes


6 Sessions

Valerie Ling, Clinical Psychologist and Burnout Prevention Coach, provides 6 keys to help you live free from exhaustion and stress.

Imagine turning up for work with optimism and confidence.  Imagine showing up for other people without the drag, guilt, or exhaustion.  What if you could work through stressful situations without compromising your health? Think of how much more energy, optimism and joy you could have in all areas of your life, by making space for what matters and letting go of things which do not help you feel recharged. Think how many more people you could help in more effective, efficient and energetic ways.

Valerie Ling's 6Rs are simple, actionable steps you can take for a mighty reset. Sign up for yourself, or gift it to someone you know.


Course Inclusions

This program provides:
6 evidence based ways to have immediate relief from burnout
6 different ways to get energy back
6 different ways to relook some of the habits you have
6 different ways to refocus your weary mind and body

30 minutes of on-demand video
An exercise/step per day to focus on
Access to course portal