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Industry Specific Solutions

The Centre For Effective Serving has been called upon to lift weary arms and hearts in the allied health, teaching, pharmaceutical, medical, hospitality, and non for profit sector. 

Self care and burnout prevention in teams

 Our popular 90 minute webinar or in-person seminar helps teams understand the ways they can take care of their body, mind and spirit through research approved and practical ways.  Your team will be able to complete their personal self care plans which can then be implemented as part of a professional development and well being plan for all staff.  Leaders will have valuable information to check in with staff.  Teams will have a common language to encourage well being actions in the workplace.  And your staff will feel that their whole person, and not just their productive self are important to your organisation.


Our work with Hillcrest Primary School, Tasmania
Valerie has a deep compassion and ability to understand the many individual and group experiences. She facilitated teaching and nonteaching staff through her model of self-care at a time when many staff could not conceive the thought of kindness for themselves. She presents self care in parcels that enable a greater inner connection than any other familiar models. The particular areas of focus she introduces allow individuals to connect their own self care plan with organisational wellbeing strategies and in doing so enables empowerment through this telescopic connection of self, community and service to others.

Valerie entered an environment that is experiencing tremendous grief, loss and pain. She brought with her joy, light-heartedness and a reverence of respect for the school community facing many challenges and meeting them with great determination. The work that Valerie has achieved with the Hillcrest Primary School will be the first example of systematically refocusing wellbeing on staff so they in turn are able fulfill their role in developing younger people.
Chris Worthington
Staff Wellbeing Consultant
Department of Education Tasmania

Healthcare workers pandemic care

Our already pressured healthcare sector has been hit by enormous stress and fatigue during the unrelenting pandemic.  Adding to burnout levels, moral injury, staff shortages and community demands have left our healthcare sector grasping for oxygen.

Team retreats to affirm the struggle and voice the support can be an empowering experience.  Bringing together the best of community and care through working on relieving stress and learning ways to protect our healthcare workers against further mental exhaustion and injury.

Our work with healthcare providers
Valerie's workshop on burnout was thoroughly enjoyed by both our clinical and admin staff. In a profession frequently exposed to high stress situations it is important that we learn to look after ourselves in order to better help others. Valerie's presentation was engaging and refreshing, I would highly recommend this session to others.
Tracey M Cole
Founder & Director
Psychology CAFFE
Valerie came and spoke to my clinical team a few months ago and is an excellent presenter and thought leader in the area of burnout prevention. Much deeper, thought provoking questions than the surface level self care discussions facilitated in most professional development seminars and really practical strategies to self-assess and develop helpful habits. If you really want to get a grasp on how to have longevity in a stressful professional role or in the helping professions I strongly recommend speaking with Val about how she can assist you, your team or your organisation.
Dr Amy Talbot
Founder & Director
The Talbot Centre

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